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    Group Profile
    Group Profile
    Qingdao Neptune Paper Group¡¯s predecessor was founded in 1958 Jiaonan paper mill. 50 years, experienced business development, scale expansion, restructuring and adjustments in three stages, has developed into a mechanism-based paper manufacturing industry, set cogeneration, environmental technology, real estate development and import and export trade in one large joint-stock companies, the Group¡¯s total assets reached 10 billion, and employs more than 1,600 people, with annual output of 200,000 tons of paper production capacity.

    The level of firm size and economic strength for many years among the "top ten enterprises in Qingdao County" and "Advanced Enterprise in Shandong Province paper," the ranks of Qingdao paper industry lines of business and the country¡¯s largest manufacturer of specialty paper. Implementation of "technology", go to species benefits, relying on "high, new, special" technology Hing factory road. Qingdao, the Neptune Group is "high-tech enterprises," Over the years, business talent to play advantage, and vigorously promote technological innovation, efforts to create "Neptune characteristics" of the product system, has successfully developed high-tech and high added value, high market share more than twenty new products, including the formation of fine paper, industrial and agricultural technology paper, tissue paper and wrapping paper four series of more than 80 varieties of the product system, the Sea King has become a domestic initial quality packaging paper manufacturers, influential tissue paper manufacturers, unique agricultural and industrial specialty paper manufacturer. New high simulation technology of paper, anti-Jundai Paper is recognized as "national new product", flame retardant crepe paper was "national new product patents," typing paper was awarded "Shandong Famous Brand", Kraft paperboard, anti Jundai paper was "Qingdao Famous Brand".

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